Your home is your relaxation haven and a representation of you. So why not surround it with a fantastic design that makes you excited to come home and proud to call it yours? From deep-green blooming shrubs to planting a walkway garden filled with annuals and perennials, there are many beautiful and unique ways to add pizzazz to your outdoor property.

If you're considering hiring a landscaping company but are unsure of what design you would like them to create for you, we can help. Below are five of our favorite landscape designs that can be created in any yard despite the size and layout.

Continue reading, and we hope you enjoy our colorful inspiration and use it to design a backyard oasis you can enjoy with your loved ones for years to come!

  1. Dazzle Your Neighbors with a Front Yard Flower Bed

Do you prefer an original landscaping idea that doesn't come across as too intricate and crowded with varying designs? Then a flower bed might be just what you're looking for. The best thing about flowers is you can create any design you like, including a combination of flowers from orchids and carnations to tulips and lilies. You can design a horizontal flowerbed that extends along the wall of your front entrance veranda or expand them up the porch and across the gutters. Whatever you decide to do, flowers are a safe bet if you're looking to wow your neighbors and guests.

  1. Add Substance with Blossoming Shrubs

Planting blossoming shrubs is an easy way to add substance and beauty to your yard. If you ask us, the best approach to getting the most out of a shrub display is to diversify your selection. This is the preferred method because it creates a variety of shapes, colors, and forms, which is far more appealing to the eye. There are endless options when it comes to adding shrubs to your landscape. Suppose you want to add character to your yard while creating a privacy wall, your best bet would be the arborvitae plant. Or maybe you want your walkway to be outlined by bushes and shrubs. In this case, the dwarf Norway spruce or juniper will do the trick. Despite what combination of plants you choose, we're confident they will do a great job adding color, beauty, and substance to your yard.

  1. Enjoy a Garden Eating Area

Not much tops the relaxation factor of enjoying a meal in an outdoor garden. Well, what if we told you, you could have this in your backyard? That's right, with the help of a creative landscaper like Pacific Lawn Maintenance, your backyard can be your own personal retreat. A garden eating area can consist of anything from a corner pond encompassing a makeshift waterfall surrounded by your favorite vegetation to green vines growing up your fence, creating a scene from the Secret Garden. In the center of all this calming greenery is where an outdoor dining table can be stationed, connected to your patio by uniquely designed steppingstones. Let's not forget a lounging bench along your fence line for a finishing touch.

  1. Hardscape For Effortless Upkeep

A hardscape design is just as beautiful as any greenery landscape creation. Most homeowners opt for hardscapes because they require less maintenance and maintain their beauty year-round. If you hate the idea of mowing the lawn every few days, you will probably enjoy a rock garden or concrete slab. And we wouldn't stop there. You can give it a relaxing touch by installing a brick seating area surrounding a barbeque and firepit. Hardscaping might be a bit of a heftier investment, no doubt. But it ends up being the cheaper option in the long run because of its lack of required maintenance.

What’s more, if you want to invest in a landscaping design that will undoubtedly add value to your home, choosing a hardscape is a sure way. Many homeowners want to reap the benefits of a beautiful outdoor space without upkeep. For that reason, hardscapes are becoming a popular option.

  1. Deck Out Your Backyard with a Unique Patio

Sometimes less is more. For some homeowners who can’t be bothered with maintaining a beautifully landscaped backyard, a fully decked-out patio with all the fixings is just as good. When designing your forever deck, we say let your imagination run wild because the options are endless. Are you looking for a multi-level deck with designated seating and cooking areas? Or do you prefer the gazebo-style deck with garden lights draped over your patio table to light up your dinner? Maybe you work remotely and want a comfortable outdoor seating area to work while you bring in your salary and vitamin D all at once. Whatever you choose, we say go for it. And one more thing. If you decide to go all out and create a deck that resembles a secondary outdoor living area, you might want to consider composite decking as an alternative to natural wood. This rot resident option requires little to no maintenance and will last much longer than wood.

Bottom Line

Your outdoor space should be just as comfortable and inviting as your indoor space. If you’re the subtle type drawn to beauty but prefer a more simple style that is equal parts stunning and basic, there are many designs to choose from. Or if you want your home to be the cool house on the block with a backyard secret garden and front yard covered in the most extraordinary flowers and plants, we say go for it. When you properly maintain your landscaping, your home benefits in two ways; it adds to the neighborhood curb appeal and increases in value. It’s a win-win for you. So, if you’ve decided what look you’re going for and are ready to hire a few sets of creative helping hands, get in touch with the team at Pacific Lawn Maintenance at (509) 218-1775. We will be happy to discuss your vision and how we can build it into reality.