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Landscaping Services

Bark Mulch Service

The team of landscaping experts at Pacific Lawn Maintenance has been providing top-quality mulching services for years. We are happy to discuss the many benefits of bark mulch and deliver clean and careful mulch blowing services for your property.

To schedule a consultation, or to request a quote, give us a call at (509) 218-1775 today.

Pest Control

Pacific Lawn Maintenance is committed to safely and effectively resolving pest control problems in Spokane area homes. Our state of the art technology and highly skilled staff ensure your property is rendered free of and systematically protected against insect infestation and other pest problems without compromising the health or well-being of you or your family.

Commercial Property Maintenance

An unkempt property can detour your potential customers and can send the message that you don’t particularly care about the small details which is the last idea you want to be planted in your Liberty Lake customer’s minds. Whether you’re a business owner or a landlord, the state of your property could be the difference between a tenant signing a lease or going elsewhere, a client choosing to take their business to your competitor or stay with you, or existing clients recommending you to their friends or not.

Fertilization & Weed Control

Here in the Pacific Northwest and in particular, the Spokane, we’re blessed with some of the most beautiful natural landscapes and picturesque settings on this side of the Cascade Mountains. Our climate is perfect for supporting a wide variety of lush green foliage and plants and trees that thrive in our climate. We are truly blessed with all four seasons here in Spokane but each can bring wins and struggles when it comes to your lawn and landscape.

Residential Snow Removal

When you were young, you probably got excited when the first snowflakes started to fall. Once you grew up, however, all too often snow means only one thing: it’s time to shovel your steps and clear your driveway of the pesky white stuff! With Pacific Lawn Maintenance, snow doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Our residential snow removal services can take you back to the excitement you felt as a child watching snow drifts pile up because you know dealing with the mess that follows is one less thing on your plate.

Shrub and Hedge

Pacific Lawn Maintenance in Spokane Valley has been your local tree, shrub and hedge experts since 2006. We have perfected the art of mastering your outdoor living spaces whether it be your office or home. We believe firmly in quality service and affordable pricing. If it has been a while since your landscape has been tended too or it needs a quick touch up, you have come to the right place.

Power Raking / Dethatching

If you are looking to rid your lawn of unsightly thatch, we invite you to contact Pacific Lawn Maintenance. Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as local leaders in the world of landscaping—and for good reason. We love what we do, and we do it well. Whether we are deploying the power rake method or dethatching the old-fashioned way, we’ll get the job done.


Keeping the lawn or landscape in front of your Liberty Lake home or business looking lush and healthy can be a struggle for even the most organized property owner. Grass is a beautiful and vibrant "plant" material, but it’s not always the most efficient—it can require a fair amount of water, fertilizer, and attention to detail to keep it looking it's best. Having a professionally maintained and properly working system can not only save you a small fortune on your watering bills but will also make a noticeable difference in the health and appearance of your lawn and landscape.

Landscape Cleanups

The lawn is mowed and the dandelions have been sprayed but what about that landscape that surrounds your Spokane Valley property? It looks as though it hasn't been touched in years! The curb appeal of your home or business can suffer greatly if your landscape is not cared for with the same attention to detail that is put into your turf. Rather your shrubs are overgrown, your beds are filled with weeds or both, we have a solution for that and one that will change the appearance of your Spokane home or business drastically.

Tree Service

Everyone loves trees. They look beautiful, grow strong, provide us with timber for building, drop delicious fruits to eat, and instantly add class and elegance to any Liberty Lake landscape. But landscaping trees? They're a whole other creature and can require a much different approach when it comes to the health and safety of the trees on your property.

Landscape Maintenance

Keeping your landscape properly maintained can be full time job. Let our team of fully trained and licensed professionals at Pacific Lawn Maintenance lighten your load with our top-notch landscape maintenance services. Our dedicated team can update, spruce up, or completely revamp your existing landscape and add value to your home or business in a matter of hours. We provide everything from hand weeding of your landscape beds and adding fresh mulch, to pruning trees and shrubs and everything in between.

Weed Control Service

Are weeds taking over your lawn and garden? Pacific Lawn Maintenance has your back. We offer safe and effective weed treatments to keep your lawn and landscape looking its very best. We have years of experience removing weeds and making lawns more beautiful, and there’s nothing we can’t handle. On every job, we offer speedy service, quality workmanship, and a fair price. For all your weed-related needs, consider us the first company to call.

Lawn Pest Control

Few things enhance a Spokane home or property like a lush green lawn and vibrant landscape. It frames the structure with green, pops off the beds with color, and creates a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. A healthy lawn also conveys the sense that the owner cares about their Spokane property.

Landscaping Company

When you need excellent landscaping work from experts who know their stuff, you need Pacific Lawn Maintenance. We’re the area’s top choice for landscape contracting, offering a complete range of services for all types of projects. From patio construction to lawn care, we do it all—and we do it all with the quality work we’re so known for. For top-quality landscaping from a dependable professional, our name is the one to remember.

Leaf Removal

Our team of landscapers will work hard to rake up leaves and remove any and all debris from your lawn. We will package the leaves up securely and relocate them to a location where they can decompose. We will work diligently to ensure that your grounds are entirely free of autumn debris so you can enjoy a healthy, lush spring.