Landscaping companies can do a lot for a property. They can plant gardens, trim trees, and construct beautiful hardscapes—but that’s not all. The best landscaping companies are lawn care specialists. They give the front lawn the up-close attention it needs to thrive during the warmer months of the year.

What can a landscaping company do for your lawn? Let the professionals at Pacific Lawn Maintenance outline some of the tried-and-true ways a lawn expert can bring out the best in your property. You’ll be surprised at just how involved—and beneficial—some of these treatments and practices are.

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Bring Out the Best in a Lawn

Your lawn is the centerpiece of your property. It is a place to showcase beautiful foliage, decorative plants, gardens, and more. Your yard might also be a place to entertain guests, lounge with your family, or play with your pets. Everyone wants their lawn to look its absolute best—but getting that picture-perfect lawn sometimes takes a little work.

Even lawns that receive a lot of sun sometimes remain dusty and patchy throughout the spring and summer. There are some lawns whose nutrients get sapped up by excessive weeds and other properties where the fertilizer never seems to penetrate the soil.

In times such as those, you need a landscaping company that offers comprehensive lawn maintenance solutions. More than just lawn mowing, lawn maintenance refers to a variety of year-round practices that nurture lawns to the fullest.

Weed Control for Lawns

There are some weeds that might look nice at certain times of the year, like clover and dandelion. As attractive as dandelions might look for that one small window of time, they are not the attractive plants people think they are. They are an invasive species of weed, and they’ll only continue to proliferate without proper attention.

Why do homeowners and landscapers hate seeing weeds on a lawn? Apart from the unsightly appearance of some weeds, they can also do a lot of damage to an otherwise healthy lawn. Weeds compete with the grass growing in the soil for valuable nutrients. The longer the weeds are left unchecked, the more your grass will suffer.

Luckily, any savvy landscaping company knows how to properly weed a property while also taking measures to ensure the weeds don’t return immediately. We remove weeds from the root, spread mulch over the most weed-infested areas of the lawn and garden, and more.

Another important factor in the world of weed control is the removal of weed clippings from the property. Flowering weeds will only spread their seeds throughout the property if they’re left on the lawn. Any savvy landscaper will make sure to bag the weed clippings after mowing or manually extracting them from the soil.

Staying on top of the weed troubles will make all the difference when the time comes to invest in lawn care.

Importance of Lawn Fertilization

Even after weeding your lawn, it might still be hard to get the green, picture-perfect grass you’ve always wanted. Maybe some shady trees are blocking out a little too much sunlight. If not, your lawn’s soil might simply be lacking in nutrients. In times such as those, your lawn maintenance team might need to fertilize the lawn.

There are some homeowners who have never had to add fertilizer to their lawn and still manage to have a luscious landscape year after year. Not all of us are so lucky. More often than not, you need to find a fertilizer that works for your property.

Fertilizing at the Right Time of Year

Is your lawn care company suggesting that you wait a few more months before fertilizing your lawn? Don’t worry, they aren’t procrastinating. There are preferred times of year for every lawn care practice. The springtime is the best time to add fertilizer to the lawn. Your landscaper will want to wait until the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit before deploying the fertilizer.

The best fertilizers have a perfect mixture of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. Don’t worry, these are naturally occurring elements that enrich the soil. Sensible landscapers will always use fertilizers that emphasize these core ingredients, preferably with a 20-5-10 mixture.

Professionals will also use slow-release fertilizers. Don’t worry, these fertilizers do not release their nutrients too slowly. They simply break down over a longer period of time, sparing homeowners and their landscapers from having to conduct more fertilizer treatments through the spring and summer.

The best lawns take time. Don't trust anyone who says that their products can give you a picturesque lawn in little time at all.

Reap the Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Core aeration is a staple of any lawn care expert’s regimen. Aeration ensures that the nutrients from the air, rain, sprinkler water, and fertilizers actually penetrate the surface of the grass and reach the soil.

During core aeration, your landscaper will extract lengthy, narrow cores of soil from the ground. These core selections will be drawn from specific segments of the property for consistency. These cores allow for the nutrients to reach the slower regions of the soil, for one—but that isn’t all. Aerating the soil reduces soil compaction, too. Dry compacted soil can become impenetrable over time. Aeration will give the soil that extra freedom it needs to receive nutrients and thrive.

Learn More About Lawn Care

As the years go by, professionals like us continue to blend the age-old traditions of horticulture and lawn care with the cutting-edge improvements set forth by industry innovators. We want everyone in our community to know about the wonderful services that are just a phone call away. If you want lawn care tips, information on quality fertilizers, or you want to book a lawn consultation, contact us today.