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Pacific Lawn Maintenance is Your Local Expert in Spokane Valley for Professional Tree Pruning and Tree Services

Everyone loves trees. They look beautiful, grow strong, provide us with timber for building, drop delicious fruits to eat, and instantly add class and elegance to any Spokane Valley landscape. But landscaping trees? They're a whole other creature and can require a much different approach when it comes to the health and safety of the trees on your property.

By now, you already know that Pacific Lawn Maintenance is your "one stop shop" for anything lawn and landscape maintenance in Spokane Valley but did you also know that we can service and care for the trees and shrubs on your property, too? We make the ongoing maintenance to your trees and shrubs a breeze and make keeping them healthy simpler than ever before. The best part? We are affordable! We have the trained and knowledgeable staff that you would expect to care for what can easily be the most expensive part of your landscaped home or business.

Affordable Tree services That Work for Spokane Valley Home and Business Owners

As a property owner in Spokane Valley, you know how essential the curb appeal can be and especially if you're thinking of buying or selling. Trees and shrubs that are left unkempt and overgrown can be a huge eyesore and drag down the value of your property in a jiffy. Other than being unsightly, unmanaged trees can also cause safety concerns that can stretch far beyond the aesthetics of your Spokane Valley home.

A well cared for tree is a safe tree. Every year here in the Spokane Valley area, we respond to several calls of overgrown and unsafe trees that have unfortunately come down onto a home or even worse yet, injured somebody by means of falling branches or other debris. Here at Pacific Lawn Maintenance, safety is our top priority and something that cannot be overlooked.

Pacific Lawn Maintenance makes this choice easy. Our tree services are very reasonably priced and tend to cost significantly less than the price of renting or buying your own tree trimming equipment. Why invest hundreds of dollars in a set of pruning shears that will only see the light of day two or three times a year! Leave this dangerous job to the pros.

The Importance of Tree and Shrub Pruning

A lot of people call Pacific Lawn Maintenance and ask us about the difference between tree trimming and tree pruning. The short answer is this, functionally. There is not much difference other than that. Tree trimming and pruning are both essential to the good health and continued growth of the shrubs and trees in your landscape. Trimming is more commonly referred to cuts for aesthetic reasons, whereas pruning describes cutting branches that have grown too large and pose a threat to life or structure.

Rather you're looking for custom tree pruning, tree thinning, removal, or having all of the shrubs shaped and cleaned up at your Spokane Valley home or office, Pacific Lawn Maintenances does it all!

Where Can I Find the Best Tree Trimming Near Me?

Do your research and see what others are saying about us. We think you will see the difference experience can make. Pacific Lawn Maintenance has been servicing the trees and shrubs of your Spokane Valley neighbors since 2006 and has become one of the areas most highly rated lawn care and landscape companies in town.

As with all of the services we offer here at Pacific Lawn Maintenance, you'll know that you will be getting highly skilled and trained staff on your Spokane Valley property. You know that every service we offer has a no questions asked money back guarantee and if for some reason you're no 100% happy with a product or service we provide, we will come back or refund your purchase, in full.

Ready to give us a chance and see what we can do for your home or business today? Leave us your information on our CONTACT US PAGE or give us a call and one of our tree experts will be in touch immediately.