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Residential Snow Removal

Pacific Lawn Maintenance is a residential snow removal specialist. We are experts in keeping residential properties clear of snow and ice regardless of the amount gathered. If your snow removal is getting away from you, or you don't have the time – our services are precisely what you need to keep peace of mind on your property this winter.

Allow our team to help you keep your property safe and clear of ice and snow. With all the technical knowledge and skill to do a thorough job and the right equipment and staff, we are certain we can help you keep your property clear no matter the severity of the winter storm you have just endured.

Contact (509) 218-1775 today to speak with our helpful team and discuss your snow removal needs and our locally competitive prices.

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Residential Snow Removal Experts

Effectively removing the snow on your residence is not as simple as just breaking out a shovel. Depending on how snowy the season is, our snow removal services will be consistent throughout the winter. We implement the snow removal practices that will keep snow and ice from gathering until the next time we need to show up.

After every substantial snowfall, we will be there to clear up, and if it hasn't snowed in a while – we still check up to remove any dangerous ice.

Get in touch today with the local snow removal expert.

Snow Removal to Keep You Safe

Snow gathered all around your property is lovely to look at, but it poses a threat to all who tread upon it. Our services are in place to ensure you can walk around your property without fear of slipping or vehicles getting stuck in ice or snow.

Our impressive local reputation rides on the fact that we provide good work – to us providing quality work means keeping our clients safe. Call our team today to ensure every flake of snow on your property is taken care of.

The Importance of Snow Removal

Snow removal isn’t only about getting rid of the accumulation of snow itself but also what lies beneath the surface. Of course, piles of snow get in the way during snowfall and need to be removed. However, the more concerning issue is removing the accumulation of ice.

If you neglect to remove the snow and ice that sits on your property, you will face a slew of issues for the rest of winter. You or someone else could slip, fall, and injure themselves. Vehicles can slide all over the property and cause collisions with other vehicles or property and other avoidable issues our services can prevent.

If you leave snow to gather and allow motor and foot traffic to continue over it, snow will pack down into a bottom layer of rock-hard ice. This ice will sit comfortably and unchanging under the snow until Spring's melts it. Once the snow is packed down into this layer of ice, it is much harder to remove than it would be with regular snow removal maintenance.

Whether you are a property manager of a gated community, a retirement complex, a block of townhouses, or a homeowner, receiving professional snow and ice removal from Pacific Lawn Maintenance will make your life easier and protect you from hurting yourself or damaging property.

How Pacific Lawn Maintenance Solves Your Snow Problems

Depending on the extent of the snowfall we have to remove, we will deploy different snow removal methods.

Whether you call upon our team for one-time snow removal or set up a maintenance plan, we always come prepared to get the job done. No matter how extensive your property is, you will have safe streets and walkways to travel on until the next snowfall.

Once we arrive, our staff will hop out of the truck and start clearing the snow off your walkways. If there is a lot of snow to reckon with, we will push the snow into berms on either side of walkways, so next time we come, the paths are easier to locate, and we can clear the snow faster. If necessary, we will request a blueprint map of the property to find all walkways and streets that need clearing, this way we can ensure the entire property is cleared.

Please get in touch today to learn more about our residential snow clearing and plowing services.

Book Your Snow Removal Consultation

The first part of taking care of your snow removal needs is booking a meeting to discuss the extent of services you need. When we meet, we will discuss a snow removal schedule that works for both parties, and we will go into detail describing the services provided.

We have worked on many different properties and have handled them with ease. The consultation is in place to ensure we come prepared to provide effective, efficient snow removal every time.

The Right Snow Removal Equipment and Staff for The Job

To ensure the effective removal of the snow on your property, we must bring the right equipment for the job and have the right staff operating it to get the job done.

The first and most important part of snow removal success is our staff. As a leading local landscaping company, the staff on our team must carry out high-end work day in/day out. By encouraging a high work ethic from everyone on our team, we promise the snow on your residential property will be removed swiftly and thoroughly without any damage incurred on the way. We guarantee you will be pleased with the way our snow removal technicians work on your property.

The second key to our excellent service is that we possess the right equipment for the job. From shovels to industrial-strength snowblowers and snowplows on our trucks, we have the tools necessary to ensure that your streets and sidewalks are snow-free, even in the dead of winter.

Our knowledgeable staff will assess your property and determine which snow removal equipment is best suited for ridding your property of stubborn ice and snow.

Snowplowing and Salting

If the snowy streets on your property call for it, we will snowplow your roads.

At first, when we discuss bringing a snowplow onto a client's property, sometimes there is concern about whether the plows will damage the roads. You don't have to worry about that. Our snowplows are designed to closely scrape the ice and snow off your streets without causing any damage. The plow itself gets as close to the road as possible without ripping any asphalt out.

We will finish the job by applying snow salt to the roads and walkways we cleared. The salt we use has a strong chemical composition designed to swiftly melt the remaining ice and snow on the streets and paths that our equipment couldn't get to. It will continue to melt snow for weeks to come unless there is another big snowfall.

One downside of this harsh chemical salt is that it can be quite hard on footwear and a dog's paws. We will be careful not to apply so much that it wrecks your favorite winter boots or hurts your puppy when you go on walks.

On-Call for Snowstorms

Throughout the winter, a snowstorm can occur on very short notice. In cases like these, Pacific Lawn Maintenance is prepared!

When you need our services in the event of a snowstorm, please reach out and speak with our receptionist who will fill you in on our availabilities or how soon one of our snow removal crews can get to you to start ridding your residential property of snow.

We know that snow waits for no one. That's why all throughout the wintertime, we are ready to help our clients stay safe. Feel free to call any time you need a quote or to have one of our expert residential snow removal crews sent your way.

Why Pacific Lawn Maintenance Does Residential Snow Removal Better

We are the team to choose for your snow removal needs because we care about the quality of work that we provide our clients. We are also aware that the quality of work we do has a real-life consequence on your safety within your property. We never rush a snow removal, but that doesn't mean we don't work swiftly.

We have developed a time-tested snow removal strategy that we have broken down into steps that ensures your long-term safety throughout the wintertime, and it looks something like this:

  • Sidewalk clearing
  • Snowplowing
  • Snowblowers
  • Road salting
  • Final inspection
  • Depart

Set Your Snow Removal Schedule

Our services are flexible. Unless otherwise specified, we will stick to our agreed-upon schedule, which includes attentive services whenever a significant snowfall occurs. However, if you need to change the time we arrive, we are always happy to accommodate. Just give us notice ahead of time, and your snow will be removed whenever you need it gone.

Get in touch with our team for the area's most flexible residential snow removal service.

Fast, Thorough, and On-Time

As soon as we park the truck, our crew hops out and gets to work. Our reputation is built on the speed and quality of the snow removal that we provide. We always stick to the schedule. If there are delays, we always reach out to notify the property owner or the super-intendant beforehand so you can re-organize your day accordingly.

Snow Worries, Be Gone!

When you were young, you probably got excited when the first snowflakes started to fall. Once you grew up, however, all too often snow means only one thing: it’s time to shovel your steps and clear your driveway of the pesky white stuff! With Pacific Lawn Maintenance, snow doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Our residential snow removal services can take you back to the excitement you felt as a child watching snow drifts pile up because you know dealing with the mess that follows is one less thing on your plate.

Snow can be fun. Snow can be beautiful. But snow can also be dangerous and a large burden if you don't have a plan to keep your Spokane Valley property free and clear of this wintery mess. As the years have gone on, we have seen many of our Spokane winters change. It seems as though we end up with wet, heavy snow after most storms and that can cause a real mess when it comes time to break out the shovel. This particular type of snow can make the dreaded task of snow removal a real backbreaking chore. Next time it snows, let the experts here at Pacific Lawn Maintenance take this item off of your "to do" list.

Don’t Be a Slave to Winter Anymore!

Much like our professional lawn and landscape maintenance services, we have residential snow removal and de-icing perfected! Much of our Spokane competition sticks mainly to commercial snow removal services whereas we are much the opposite. We specialize in all residential and small commercial snow related tasks. Rather it's shoveling your driveway and stairs leading to the front or back of your property or its clearing out the large snow berm that just buried your driveway in, we have you covered.

Typically we charge for our residential snow removal services based off of square footage and not by the amount of snow received. This makes pricing your service much more transparent and upfront. It also makes it much easier to budget this service without having to rely on mother nature to determine what your cost will be when we come out. We have set our snow removal threshold at 2'' meaning that when we receive a couple of inches of snow or more, we automatically show up to your Spokane property and get it cleared, snow berm included. This makes it easy for you, our valued client as you have nothing to worry about with each snowfall. As you know after reading our client testimonials, Pacific Lawn Maintenance has you in good hands!

Like to travel during the winter months but hate the though of your home looking unoccupied while you are away? Pacific Lawn Maintenance's residential snow removal services are just what you may be needing! We can keep your Spokane Valley property tidy and clear, making your home appear much less inviting.

Be Prepared, Plan Your Snow Removal Strategy Today

It may be hard to think about snow when the summer sun is shining down, but every year we hear from our valued Spokane residents who have waited until the last minute to arrange snow or ice removal services for their properties and are faced with long wait times and delays.

This particular service offered here at Pacific Lawn Maintenance is one that is best-planned out in advance and makes the "rush" a much easier transition after we get a substantial snow event here in the Spokane Valley or surrounding areas. Snow removal and de-icing services are unique in that they need to be done at a moments notice and as early in the day as possible. When you make the decision to instill the professional and timely snow removal experts at Pacific Lawn Maintenance, you know you will have the piece of mind that your property will be taken care of and that you can go about your day with one less thing to sweat.

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Had enough shoveling and slipping and sliding around your Spokane property? Ready for one of our skilled and knowledgeable experts to come out to your home or business and provide you with a free quote for snow removal and de-icing services? We thought so! Fill out our easy to use CONTACT US form listed below or give our office a call today. Next time it snows, you can enjoy the beautiful white stuff and leave the mess to us!