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Power Raking and Dethatching Service at Pacific Lawn Maintenance

What is power raking and dethatching and does my lawn need it? This may be a question you are asking yourself and one we get on the daily especially in the spring months in the Pacific Lawn Maintenance offices. When we recieve this question, for this service in particular, we like to educate our Spokane clients with all of the facts and let them make the decision from that point. Power raking can be the difference between a mediocre yard and one that thrives but it must be done properly and at the right times of the year.

What is Thatch and do I want it gone?

Thatch simply stated is the organic matter that lies in your turf between the blades of grass that you see and the roots below the surface. Thatch can be anything and everything from dead grass clippings to pine needles, leaves and any other type of organic debris that may have found its way onto your lawn. Thatch is an essential nutrient to your turf and acts as a protective barrier between your blades of grass and their roots but too much can be a bad thing. If the thatch in your lawn gets too deep or thick, it will create a barrier preventing essential nutrients like water, fertilizer, air, and even sunlight, to get deep into the root structure where it is greatly needed.

What is the difference between Power Raking and Dethatching?

Power raking and dethatching are two terms that cause an awful lot of confusion for our valued Spokane Valley clients here at Pacific Lawn Maintenance. What is the real difference you may be asking? All too often these couple of services get mixed up as they are very similar in nature. Dethatching is a bit less aggressive approach and meant to remove only a fine layer of “thatch”. Power raking on the other hand is going to be very similar in process but is meant to be more of an aggressive approach. Power Raking may be more fitting for a lawn that has been severely neglected or needs a serious renovation.

Why does Power Raking and Dethatching get a bad name from your Previous lawn care Provider?

Power raking and dethatching can get a bad name from competitors who don’t offer this service or from hiring somebody and having this procedure done incorrectly. Since 2006, Pacific Lawn Maintenance has been offering this very beneficial service to our Spokane clients but we get many questions regarding this service and if its right for their the lawn. The plain and simple answer is this; power raking and dethatching is absoutly necessary if it is what your lawn needs to be healthy. Every lawn and landscape is different and no two are alike. Over the years as we have seen many of our much larger competitors trying to make a sale to you over the phone from an office chair 500 miles away. They will love to tell all the reasons not to dethatch your lawn without ever seeing your particular situation. Here at Pacific Lawn Maintenance, we are much more “hands-on” and believe that this service can make a major difference if deemed necessary and is done correctly. For this reason, we will schedule a time that works for your schedule where we can come out to your Spokane Valley home or business and address if this service may be right for your lawn or not.

Still not quite sure if your lawn needs to be Power Raked or Dethatched?

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