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Lawn Care Services

Where Can I Find the Best Lawn Care Near Me?

"Every year here in Liberty Lake, when the weather starts getting a little warmer and the days start getting a little longer, I start getting excited about all the time I’m going to spend kicking my feet up in the backyard with friends and family" says one of our long-time customers in the Liberty Lake area. "I don’t mean to brag, but I’m a little bit famous for my backyard cookouts every July".

Considering how perfect the weather gets here in Liberty Lake in the summer months, it’d be a shame not to take advantage of it. Having a lawn and landscape you can be proud of not only adds value and curb appeal to your home or business but can also make for the perfect summer getaway to relax and be an oasis for time well spent with family and friends.

Now the reality of it all. A perfectly manicured lawn and freshly weeded landscape bed, doesn't happen on its own. Most all of us can agree that with today's busy lifestyles and the demands of work, family and everything in between, who has time for the perfect landscape? This is where Pacific Lawn Maintenance comes in and gives you your weekend back.

From weekly mow service that includes it all to custom-tailored lawn care programs, pest control solutions, and perfectly manicured shrubs, we have a solution that will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

I’m so happy that I finally found a lawn care company that takes care of everything—and I mean everything—without charging me an arm and a leg'' says Deb from Liberty Lake. "I still get to spend time in my beautiful yard, but it’s time I spend relaxing, rather than sweating through my shirt"! "Pacific Lawn Maintenance does it all".

Affordable Lawn Care Near Me

What sets Pacific Lawn Maintenance apart from other lawn care companies in the Liberty Lake area is our dedication to providing top-quality service at prices that are hard to beat. "Whenever I had tried to hire a contractor to take care of my lawn care for me, I was unimpressed with the results and professionalism I received," says Marty from Liberty Lake's south hill. "They always charged a fortune and sent an inexperienced teenager in the place of a trained professional ready to do the task at hand". "I have worked with Pacific Lawn Maintenance for 3 years now and would trust nobody else with the care of my extensive landscape that requires the knowledge and know-how to be properly maintained".

Organic Lawn Care

Since our start date here in Liberty Lake in 2006 and being a truly local company, we've always had a passion for the amazing city we call home. We are stewards of the land and believe in protecting what we have so that future generations can thrive here as well. Here at Pacific Lawn Maintenance’s we offer several different options. From traditional to 100% organic, we have solutions that are guaranteed to be safe and healthy for even the most sensitive groups down to the birds and the bees! Interested in a lawn care program at your Liberty Lake home but worried about Chemicals? Pacific Lawn Maintenance has a program custom tailored just for you.

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