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Does Lawn Aeration Need to Be Done in the Summer? Pacific Lawn Maintenance Answers Your Lawn Care and Landscaping Questions

There are few subjects as mystifying to the average Spokane home or business owner than lawn aeration. While pretty much everyone knows it’s a crucial part of a healthy lawn or yard, few know why, and even fewer consider themselves an expert on the topic.

The truth of the matter is that lawn aeration is an essential part of any home or business’s lawn maintenance routine. To help uncover some of the mysteries of this useful subject, we’ve put together this guide on the most commonly asked questions on lawn aeration we hear from our clients in Spokane. Take a gander at it and inform yourself!

Do I Need Lawn Aeration?

The simple answer to this question is ‘yes’. If you have a traditional grass lawn or a garden—we’d say that applies to most, if not all the people living in Spokane—then regular aeration is absolutely crucial for your lawn’s continued good health and maintenance.

Why? Well, between the living roots and the shoots of green grass that you see and the soil, there is a layer of dead and decaying matter called thatch. Thatch is mainly composed of old grass and current grass roots. When left undisturbed for years, the thatch can become quite thick. When new grass is laid on the thatch in your yard, its roots can’t reach the soil through this thick layer, preventing it from growing healthily and absorbing nutrients through the soil.

Aeration also oxygenates the soil, which gives it its name. Tiny bacteria fix nitrogen and oxygen from the air and place it into the soil. This makes the soil in your yard super-charged with good stuff, almost as if you had added fertilizer. Thus, on two levels, aeration works to promote good lawn health and makes your life easier.

How Often Should Aeration Be Done?

Most lawn care companies advocate lawn aeration in the spring and fall, and that’s why most of our customers request lawn aeration during these "cooler" months. Aeration is an inexpensive and effective way to keep your lawn healthy and can further stretch your dollars spent on watering, and fertilizer applications.

We normally recommend your lawn be aerated 1-2 times a year depending on a few different factors. Spring tends to be the most common and beneficial time of year to aerate and or thatch (power rake) but fall can be equally as important.

Do Lawn Aeration Shoes Work?

They certainly worked enough to be granted a patent, but for home or business owners looking for a way to save money on aeration, lawn aeration shoes have not been shown in studies to be an effective way of aerating your lawn. When you aerate your lawn with aeration shoes, you are not physically removing the "cores" from your lawn thus not allowing your nutrients to penetrate deep down where they should be. You will have substantially better results with a core aeration rather than poking tiny holes all throughout your turf.

Where Can I Find the Best Lawn Aeration Companies Near Me?

This is the easy part! Simply pick up the phone and call Pacific Lawn Maintenance today. From tree trimming to aeration and more, we’re Spokane’s top choice for landscaping and lawn maintenance services. Call us today for a free estimate!