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Landscape Cleanups at Pacific Lawn Maintenance

The lawn is mowed and the dandelions have been sprayed but what about that landscape that surrounds your Spokane Valley property? It looks as though it hasn't been touched in years! The curb appeal of your home or business can suffer greatly if your landscape is not cared for with the same attention to detail that is put into your turf. Rather your shrubs are overgrown, your beds are filled with weeds or both, we have a solution for that and one that will change the appearance of your Spokane home or business drastically.

What is a landscape Cleanup?

To us, a landscape cleanup can mean many different things. Generally speaking, a landscape cleanup from Pacific Lawn Maintenance is weeding your beds, it's making sure all the pine needle and leaves are picked up and disposed of properly. That row of hedges need a quick trim? It's that too! Landscape cleanups are a very versatile service and few jobs are alike. Your home or business in the Inland Northwest more than likely has trees and if not, they're close by. Landscape cleanups are nice to have in the Spokane spring and summer months but become a must-have service as fall arrives. This project can be quite a chore if you're not prepared with the right equipment and resources.

Full-Service Landscape Cleanups

When you’re looking to get your commercial or residential landscape cleaned up, you want to be sure you’re getting a company that can handle all the tasks required for the job. There are many elements of a successful landscape cleanup, and our expert staff is ready to tackle them all. We have a team of trained professionals who are prepared to offer a complete range of cleanup services for properties of all shapes and sizes and at any time of year.

Some of the services we most commonly provide in our landscape cleanups are:

  • Lawn cleanup
  • Garden cleanup and maintenance
  • Power washing
  • Mowing and edging
  • Leaf removal
  • Clearing debris
  • Tree and shrub pruning
  • Snow and ice maintenance
  • And more

No matter what type of services you need in your landscape cleanup, we have the expertise to get the job done right. Just give us a call today to book your service and let us know how we can help you!

Detail Oriented Cleanups

Providing landscape cleanups that live up to our reputation and meet our high standards is important to us. That’s why we approach every job with the utmost attention to detail. During every project, our technicians work carefully to ensure they never miss anything. Before we leave the property, we inspect all our work to ensure nothing has been overlooked and we have provided the best possible results. We go above and beyond to provide our customers with flawless landscaping solutions every time, so you can always feel confident when you hire us.

We always make sure our landscape cleanup services are superior and our workmanship is second to none. With our intense attention to detail, you can be confident that you’ll be satisfied with our cleaning services. To get landscapers with incredible attention to detail, reach out to us today!

Landscape Cleanups and Tree and Shrub pruning go together like Spaghetti and Meatballs!

Okay so maybe we made that one up but in all seriousness, these two services in your landscape when paired together will go hand in hand to bring the curb appeal of your Liberty Lake home or business to new heights. All too often we see Spokane homeowners focusing all of their efforts on keeping the grass green and sprinklers going but forget about the importance of maintaining the landscape. Your landscape can be one of the bigger investments you will make on your home and having a plan to care for it is not something that should be overlooked.

Our six Week Landscape "Touch Up" Service for Landscapes that Sparkle

For our most grand landscapes, estate living customers, and high-end commercial clients, we bring you our most "set it and forget it" service offering. Over the many years Pacific Lawn Maintenance has been in business, we have had a demand for perfection and the highest of quality standards for our clients that want it all. Several years ago, we started offering a landscape cleanup and tree and shrub maintenance package that bundles into one. We will come out to your home or business at a set interval and assure that all aspects of your lawn and landscape are in show home quality stage at any given time. For this service, we will work with you to set up a recurring maintenance plan that will ensure a job appearance and quality that even the pickiest and most demanding clients will be swept away by.

Landscapers Committed to Customer Service

Our friendly attitude and commitment to our clients have helped us become one of the most trusted local landscaping companies. Throughout your entire experience with us, you can rest assured that we will treat you and your property with respect. If you have any unique cleanup jobs or if there is any way that we can better accommodate you, let us know! We’ll go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

If you are reaching out to us for landscaping, we ensure you’re getting the best possible results along with premier customer service treatment. In every project we take on, we are at the service of our customers. No matter what the project is, we see it as your project that we manage, meaning we do everything with your satisfaction in mind. To get to your satisfaction, we are dedicated, hardworking, and communicative.

Whatever you need for your landscape cleanup service, we’ll be there to help with a smile. If any problems arise, you can expect us to let you know and develop a solution. That’s how we keep you happy. Contact us today to book your landscape cleaning service from a company dedicated to your success!

Your full-service lawn and landscape Maintenance Experts Since 2006

Pacific Lawn Maintenance in Spokane Valley was founded with 1 goal in mind and that was to bring the highest quality job standards to each and every job we do. Landscape cleanups and professional tree and shrub care is not a job that you will want just anybody to do. These services require a skill set and general understanding of plant health care that takes time and knowledge to perform correctly.

Rather you hire Pacific Lawn Maintenance for weekly lawn care and spray service at your Spokane home or instill our professional team to manage your landscape, you will have the peace of mind knowing that all of our services come with a money back guarantee. Landscape cleanups and custom tree work can be a daunting task to tackle on your own but with Pacific Lawn Maintenance on your side, your weekend just became must more relaxing.

Before you start acting out your Paul Bunyan fantasies, give Pacific Lawn Maintenance a call. We meet all the requirements you should look for in a lawn and landscape maintenance company, and will work tirelessly to deliver on our promise to you for quality customer care and exceptional job quality.

Cleaning Landscapes All Year

While it’s most common to have a complete landscape cleanup project performed in the spring, the truth is that our clients may require landscape cleanups any time of the year. When you want your landscape to look its best, there is no limit to when you’ll need it cleaned. That means we have to be prepared to keep your landscape clean and well-maintained all year long.

During the summer, we can offer lawn and garden cleanups that keep your landscape in good shape, and in the winter, we’ll keep fallen leaves off your lawn and ensure that snow and ice are well-maintained and safe.

You may need your property to look its best at any time – that’s why we offer our landscape cleanup services throughout the whole year. For any mess on your property at any time of year, reach out to our specialists for a thorough service that will perfectly take care of the problem. The health of your landscape will thank you.

Landscape Cleaning on Your Schedule

We know that big landscaping projects, landscaping cleanups included, can become inconvenient when you’re trying to enjoy your home or run your business. That’s why we do our best to accommodate your schedule, finding a service time that works for you. It’s important to us that you get landscaping services that don’t disrupt your routine or hamper you with delays in work.

Of course, since our projects take place outside, certain factors are out of our hands. Extreme weather can quickly delay a cleanup project as we wait for rain or snow to subside. Whatever the delay may be, we will make sure to let you know. Being transparent with our clients is essential because we want you to know when you can expect your project to be completed.

We work hard to provide you with flawless landscaping as efficiently as possible. We work quickly but also with a strong focus on the quality of our work to ensure we provide landscaping that lives up to our high standards. To get efficient landscaping cleanup services that meet the needs of your schedule, reach out to our team today!

Affordable Landscape Cleanups

Landscape cleanup services aren’t just for wealthy clients. You shouldn’t have to rely on yourself to do the hard work of cleaning your landscape. We believe that every home and business should be able to enjoy the benefits of professional landscape maintenance. Our landscape cleaning solutions can be tailored and customized to fit your budget while also delivering results you can be happy with.

If you are looking for some help with your landscape but don't want to spend too much money, then we are the team for you. Our professional landscapers will be happy to discuss your budget and help you develop a landscape cleanup plan that fits your needs.

We’ll even give you an estimate before the job to give you a complete understanding of the cost. To get affordable landscape cleanups, reach out to our team today!

Ready for Pacific Lawn Maintenance to Come out and Have A look?

As you can imagine, Landscape cleanups can vary from job to job more than any other service we offer here at Pacific Lawn Maintenance. Our Spokane clients landscapes range from xeriscape setups to full-sized commercial accounts. When you're ready to give us a try for a landscape cleanup, we are no further than a quick phone call or mouse click away. Let our team come out to your Spokane Valley home or office and show you the difference we can make in your lawn and landscape. You'll wonder why you didn't make this call sooner!

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