Tree Trimming Spokane

When you find yourself in need of tree trimming or pruning in the Spokane area, look no further than Pacific Lawn Maintenance. Our team of certified arborists has the equipment and expertise to provide your property with the services you need, at rates you'll love.

We offer tree and hedge trimming as well as tree cutting and pruning, performed effectively and safely on each property. We arrive promptly on the scene to provide the services you need, and also offer emergency availability when it is required.

You'll appreciate our great rates, outstanding workmanship, and commitment to excellent customer service!

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Prompt, Meticulous Tree Pruning and Trimming Services

Trees provide so much to each property and require very little maintenance in return. However, to continue growing safely and strongly while retaining a beautiful appearance, regular tree pruning, and trimming is an important consideration.

As skilled, experienced tree specialists, we at Pacific Lawn Maintenance know the importance of diligent tree trimming and pruning. We'll keep your trees looking beautiful and well-kept, as well as keep your property safe from the risk of falling or overgrown branches. Our team is expertly familiar with all trees native to the Spokane area, and have specialized products and methods for all types of trimming.

Our services will significantly improve the appearance and health of your trees and will help them grow strongly for years to come. Not to mention, tree trimming also allows for sunlight to reach the rest of your yard, so you'll likely see an improved aesthetic throughout your whole landscape.

To learn more about our tree services, contact us today. We look forward to serving you!

Wide Range of Tree Services Suited to Each Property

We have a broad array of tree trimming techniques in our repertoire. On every job, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of the property and the client. Some of our most sought-after services include:

  • Deadwood removal
  • Crown and canopy thinning
  • Crown and canopy lifting
  • Directional and formative pruning
  • Vista pruning

In-Depth Tree Inspections

We begin our services with a diligent inspection, during which we assess the integrity and health of your tree. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of tree health and growth cycles, we'll be able to identify the needs of your trees quickly. From there, we'll offer you our expert advice on choosing the best, most cost-effective remedy for your property. Plus, we'll give you an accurate, no-obligation quote of the cost of the service. By the way, you can count on our estimate being precise. With us, you don't have to worry about hidden fees or surprise charges.

We then proceed with the trimming and pruning, using the latest and most efficient equipment and materials. Our team will work safely and neatly on each worksite while minimizing any disruptions.

We will only cut as much of your tree as needed. If tree removal proves the only option, we can provide those services as well.

When the branches have been removed from your tree or hedges, we offer the option to haul the fallen lumber away, or to keep it on your property for use as firewood.

For all your tree service needs, we are the company to call!

Certified Arborists with Extensive Skills and Qualifications

Our tree specialists have been serving the community for a number of years. Our wide range of tree specialties, great rates, and prompt availabilities have earned us a considerable reputation for quality customer service.

Beyond our commitment to our client-first approach, our arborists have years of education, training, and experience under their belts. We're continually staying up to date with industry developments to ensure that our services are always performed in strict adherence to all local and state safety codes and guidelines. We are fully licensed and bonded and committed to exceeding expectations every time!

Tree Services: Flexible Scheduling Options

Our dedication to our clients' experience doesn't start at the job site - it starts the moment you call. We're adamant that our clients receive an all-encompassing positive customer experience, which is why we offer flexible scheduling options for your convenience.

We recognize that your time is valuable, so we always make a point of keeping ample personnel on staff for a quick dispatch. While we respect everyone's busy schedule, we prioritize emergency tree removal services. In the case of an emergency, call our team right away!

For our tree maintenance programs, our calendar can accommodate weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-annual services. Schedule your tree trimming service on your watch. Call us today to find a time that works for you.

Affordable Tree Trimming

We believe a healthy lawn should be accessible to everyone. That's why our price points are always accessible. At Pacific Lawn Maintenance, we're straight shooters - we're not in it to oversell or overcharge. We aim to provide our beloved community with a needed service at a fair and transparent price. Discover our affordable pricing for yourself. We'll happily provide you with a no-obligation quote of our services.

Residential Tree Trimming

Our professionals boast a wealth of experience pruning and removing trees on both rural and urban landscapes alike. Whether your yard is a small city lot near neighboring properties, or you have a spacious lawn with many trees, we'll make sure the job gets done safely and quickly.

Commercial Tree Trimming

Commercial property owners choose us for our prompt responses and quick turnaround times. In the business world, time is money. As business owners ourselves, we understand that you can't afford unnecessary downtime, so we streamline our service to be as efficient as possible.

No matter the size or scope of the job, our team has the resources to get it done on time and within budget.

Keep Your Property Safe and Beautiful with Regular Tree and Hedge Trimming

When you find yourself in need of tree trimming or pruning, the name to know is Pacific Lawn Maintenance.

We arrive on the scene to provide the services you need when you need them. No matter the type or number of trees on your property, you can count on us!

To schedule an appointment, reach out to us today.