Fertilization in Spokane Valley

Why People Need Lawn Fertilization in Spokane Valley

Whether you are a homeowner who wants your yard to gleam or you are a business owner who aims to make a good impression on customers or clients, lawn fertilization in Spokane Valley is a great way to accomplish your objectives. In fact, lawn management, which includes fertilization, mowing and watering, is the key to a great lawn.

A well-manicured, healthy lawn adds a presence and beauty to any property. However, Pacific Lawn Maintenance believes the aesthetic element is only the start. A beautiful lawn turns your property into an outdoor living space where you will enjoy countless happy hours.

However, many external factors, such as climate, presence of trees and shade, and location can affect the health and look of your lawn. We can assess and diagnose your situation, providing not only superior products but an expert opinion on how to keep your lawn beautifully green in the long-term.

As lawn care specialists at Pacific Lawn Maintenance, we’ve seen several reasons that folks need their lawns fertilized. Here’s a rundown of the most common.

Lawn Fertilization in Spokane Valley Gets Your Lawn Looking Amazing

Has your grass become yellow-green? If so, that is a symptom that your grass requires more nitrogen. You get that by fertilizing your lawn. Of course, it is important to source the proper type and amount of fertilizer. You should do a soil test to check on soil pH. After you know your numbers, you can pick the right type of fertilizer. Fertilizers are made of nitrogen and, in most cases, phosphorus and potassium (in that sequence). If you see a bag that says 15-15-15, it has equal weights of all three. Regular use of the correct kind of fertilizer stands to turn your grass green, vibrant and healthy again.

By testing your soil, you can pinpoint the precise amount of elements you wish to increase or reduce to enhance the health of your lawn. There are a number of fertilizer options, and targeting the correct type for your lawn will yield the fastest, best results.

A lush, healthy lawn with a strong root system acts as its own weed repellant. Unwanted weeds will easily be choked out and will have no chance of taking a foothold.

Other situations in which fertilization helps with lawn maintenance include bare spots, weed growth, dandelion growth and dead patches. While sod and grass seed are two solutions for bare spots, they come with a few potential disadvantages; for example, the grass produced by sod might not match the rest of the lawn. We are happy to discuss the options with you.

Lawn Fertilization Targets Crabgrass and Other Nuisance Grasses in Spokane Valley

As summer approaches, crabgrass is one annual grass that emerges. For many people, it is not overly pleasing to look at. One way to control the spread of crabgrass is to use lawn fertilizer the month before crabgrass starts to emerge. However, avoid using quick-release fertilizer and overwatering your lawn because you could get too much of a good thing. Excessive lush growth brings the potential for other problems. In any case, acting proactively with lawn fertilization gets your lawn in great shape for warmer weather.

Crabgrass and weeds aren’t the only things that a fertilized lawn can fend off. A healthy and fertilized lawn creates a sustainable ecosystem that includes micro-organisms, ladybugs, earthworms, and other insects. These helpful creatures feed on pests and unwanted insects, keeping them away from your property and home.

Lawn Fertilization Means More Nutrients for Soil in Spokane Valley

Does your lawn already look amazing? Good! Of course, you do want to keep it that way, and fertilization is one approach to doing so. It keeps the grass well fed so it does not wilt. The lawn is also better able to protect itself against weeds and pests, and it has enhanced water-absorption capabilities.

Pacific Lawn Maintenance knows that there is a happy medium when it comes to proper fertilization application. Not enough fertilizer, and the lawn is starved of nutrients. Grass will not be healthy across the full span, and there may be spots of trouble.

Too much fertilizer can result in burning the grass, and extremely high amounts can even kill grass and plans.

It is crucially important to apply the perfect amount of fertilizer to every lawn. You can trust the skilled technicians at Pacific Lawn Maintenance to ensure the ideal portion and even application of fertilizer.

If you are not sure what kind of fertilizer to use, we can help. Not all fertilizers are created equally, and we can direct you to the type of fertilizer that will best suit the needs of your lawn.

Lawn Care Professionals Near Me

Pacific Lawn Maintenance is Spokane Valley’s most-trusted lawn care company, and it isn’t just because we provide the best services—it is because we have the best variety of services. Do you want organic fertilizer? Do you want chemical fertilizer? Do you want your lawn aerated? Do you want your grass clippings spread over your lawn for extra lawn nutrients? There is more than one approach to achieving a healthy lawn, and we don’t want to feel limited in your decision-making at all.

We are trained professionals who offer guarantees on all our services. If we install a sprinkler system and it is a malfunctioning by the next week, we’ll assess the problem and fix the sprinkler no questions asked.

Want to hear more about our services? Give us a call! We’d love to hear from you.

Organic Fertilizers for Your Lawn

If you’re like us, your ears probably perk up when you hear about ‘green’ and ‘organic’ fertilizers. When there is so much pressure to be environmentally friendly these days, what could be better than an eco-friendly fertilizer, right?

But you might be wondering what it means for a fertilizer to be ‘organic’. What’s so organic about it? At the end of the day, what does any sort of fertilizer even do for a lawn that water and sunlight can’t?

We’ll start from the beginning. Organic fertilizers, like the name suggests, are composed of ingredients that are found in nature. These ingredients, which are sort of like the probiotics that we ourselves eat, help to improve our lawn’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Are all organic fertilizers created equally? We wish! When selecting the right organic fertilizer for your lawn, you want to make sure your fertilizer is designed to boost soil quality.

What are the pros of organic fertilizer? You’re spreading your lawn with all only the healthiest nutrients. You’re fostering a green, healthy ecosystem. You’re part of the solution—and not the problem! Another benefit? Since there are no chemicals in the fertilizer, children and pets can run and play all over your lawn immediately after the fertilizer is spread!

Chemical Fertilizers for Your Lawn

Chemical fertilizers—or synthetic fertilizers—are the industry standard when it comes to commercial lawn care. They’re engineered to combat weeds and diseases and they help grass grow in a way that looks very healthy and full. Chemical fertilizers also help to ward off unwanted pests.

As you can see, there are many benefits to be had by using synthetic fertilizers. What about the downsides?

Chemical fertilizers fail to address or improve the health of your soil. Instead, all these fertilizers do is make your lawn appear to be healthy. If your soil is not healthy, your lawn is only going to be more and more reliant on fertilizers as time goes on.

Many people, however, defer to chemical fertilizers because of their price. These fertilizers are so readily available that their price truly cannot be beaten.

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