Preventative Commercial Property Maintenance Checklist

The attention and energy necessary to maintain and improve the value of a property are considerable. All too often, the approach many building owners take toward maintenance is reactive rather than proactive. Preventive maintenance regularly inspects those parts of commercial buildings most likely to fail. At Pacific Lawn Maintenance in Spokane, we are the experts at performing preventative commercial property maintenance.


When you keep up with regular maintenance, you can avoid equipment failures, preserve costly emergency repairs, and safeguard the integrity of your HVAC, plumbing, lighting, and roofing. Following is a checklist to help keep major building systems in good working order.

Roofing. The result of a neglected roof is higher costs from leak damages. Save yourself from unexpected failures with a roof asset management program that syncs inspections and preventive maintenance with corrective action, increasing the time between roof replacements.

  • Inspect twice annually and after severe storms.
  • Clear roof drains of debris.
  • Prevent roof traffic to avoid membrane damage.
  • Check moisture every five years to identify wet insulation or leaks
  • Check roof-to-wall connections and examine flashing for wrinkles or tearing

HVAC. Spend time inspecting your heating and cooling equipment to maintain indoor air quality and preserve energy efficiency.

  • Inspect at least twice a year, particularly with seasonal start-up and run inspections.
  • Lubricate pumps annually.
  • Wash or replace air filters monthly.
  • Apply coil cleaner and wipe off of the condenser coils periodically.
  • Inspect setting for energy efficiency monthly.

Plumbing and restrooms. Leaks are not always visible, so paying attention to occasional drips is necessary. Investigate bathroom plumbing and then explore the larger plumbing systems in the building.

  • Inspect at least once a year, and investigate leaks or unusual noises.
  • Replace sump and sewage ejection pumps as needed.
  • Check fixtures for leaks regularly, particularly flappers, cartridges, and diaphragms.
  • Lubricate condenser fan motor bearings in remote drinking water chillers annually.
  • Fire-test domestic water heaters and boilers periodically.

Lighting. Randomly maintained light fixtures can lower light quality and fail to deliver energy saving.

  • Inspect at regular intervals, and replace group lamps when one begins to fail.
  • Ensure uniform color temperature.
  • Dust lights and clean lens surfaces to ensure lighting performance.
  • Check exterior lights to ensure cables are not torn.
  • Safely store used bulbs until a certified vendor can remove them.

Long-term items. Many older buildings are not wired to support the equipment and electrical appliances in use today.

  • Perform electrical inspection by licensed electrician every three to five years.
  • Clean parking lot surfaces at least twice a year.
  • Recoat parking lots every 10 years.
  • Crack fill, power wash, and seal coat parking lot surfaces on a regular basis.
  • Mill and overlay pavements every 20 years.

Exposure of building materials to weather and age results in deterioration. However, a routine inspection and maintenance plan can increase the lifespan of a building.

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