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Professional Lawn Mowing Experts

It has taken us many years to get to the level of expertise we are at. When we started back in 2006, the only thing on our mind was how to improve Spokane’s lawns through expert lawn care, customer service, and the area’s best rates. We’ve refined our approach throughout the years to deliver on our goal. Now, we’re happy to be able to offer the best lawn mowing services in the area.

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Our Lawn Care Services

Lawn care is a multi-faceted process that involves a lot of thought. If we went over your grass every week with our lawn mowing equipment, we wouldn’t have much progress in terms of improving your lawn.

Before we begin, many considerations must be considered before hatching our lawn mowing strategy, including the lawn’s current health, how much sun it receives, and more.

Lawn Mowing Process

Landscaping services are our passion. The lawn mowing process is simple once the correct implementation of lawn care services has been decided upon for your grass.

If it is the first mow of the spring season, we will begin with aeration. Beyond that, the following is the regular mowing program.

Depending on the size of your lawn, we will break out our push mowers or ride-on mowers. In some cases, both will be used in different parts of the property simultaneously for efficiency. Once the mowing has been completed, we will trim the edges and around objects on your yard for a smooth, consistent appearance. Finally, we will walk around the property with our leaf blowers and clear away all the lawn clippings, so you are left with a 100% beautiful landscape to admire until our next visit.

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It is never a bad time to get started with our team for the lawn care service you require. We can always begin a new client program to set up a weekly or bi-weekly lawn care plan.

We will guide you through the process in a friendly and productive manner and offer useful solutions at every turn with the overarching goal of giving you the beautiful lawn that you deserve.

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