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Your Top Choice in Spokane for Tree Trimming Service, Pruning, and Shearing

Everyone loves trees. They look beautiful, grow strong, provide us with timber for building, drop delicious fruits to eat, and instantly add class and elegance to any Spokane landscape. But landscaping trees? That’s a whole other story—and something that most homeowners struggle with.

Pacific Lawn Maintenance is your dedicated company to call for tree trimming near you, in addition to the wide roster of landscaping services we provide Spokane homeowners. We make trimming your trees to keep them healthy simpler than ever before. The best part? We keep our tree trimming costs low, making it easy for you to choose Pacific Lawn Maintenance rather than buying your own tree trimming equipment.

Tree Trimming Costs That Work for Home and Business Owners

As a home or business owner in Spokane, you know how essential tree trimming is to the continued good health and maintenance of your landscape. Trees that are left to grow wild end up gnarled and knotted, and can grow unviable branches that will eventually drop from the trunk. There’s no sooner way to nuke your curb appeal than by having the trees in front of your home or business look like they belong on a horror film set!

A tree that hasn’t been trimmed on a regular basis or that has been trimmed during the wrong season is much more likely to die prematurely, which can threaten life and property if not dealt with.

Pacific Lawn Maintenance makes your choice easy. Our rates are significantly less than the cost of renting or buying your own tree trimming equipment. Why invest hundreds of dollars in a set of pruning shears that will only see the light of day two or three times a year!

Instead, hire Pacific Lawn Maintenance. Our technicians are professional and efficient and our rates are competitive. That’s why we’re the clear choice for property owners in Spokane looking for landscaping and tree trimming services.

The Importance of Tree and Shrub Pruning

A lot of people call Pacific Lawn Maintenance and ask us about the difference between tree trimming and tree pruning. The short answer is that, functionally, there’s not much difference. Tree trimming and pruning are both essential to the good health and continued growth of the shrubs and trees in your yard. Trimming is usually used to describe cuts for aesthetic reasons, whereas pruning describes cutting down branches that have grown too large and pose a threat to life or property.

Luckily for our customers, Pacific Lawn Maintenance does both!

Where Can I Find the Best Tree Trimming Near Me?

We’ve made this part easy for you: navigate to our website and take a look at the wide variety of landscaping, lawn care, and tree services we offer clients in the Spokane area. Then, simply pick up your phone and give us a call! We’re happy to provide you with a free estimate and references, or set up an initial appointment.

What are you waiting for? Beautify your home or business—today!