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Pacific Lawn Maintenance – Your Spokane Lawn and Garden Fertilizer Experts

While many people think of fertilizer simply as food for their lawn and plants, in reality it’s much more than that. Fertilizers allow plants to receive important nutrients they might not otherwise receive, giving them a much needed boost.

Pacific Lawn Maintenance in Spokane Valley can help you make informed decisions about which fertilizer is best for your lawn and garden. After all, fertilizers aren’t one-size-fits-all like you may find at the big box store. The wrong fertilizer could overload your plants with nutrients they are already receiving and fall short with others they need.

Pacific Lawn Maintenance Transforms Turf and Landscapes

Most all lawns and gardens require fertilization and weed control because the soil itself is not healthy enough to support the many different flowers and plants that the residents of Liberty Lake and surrounding areas have and love. Providing proper nutrition to your turf and precious plants can and will make a world of difference in both health and appearance.

When applied properly, fertilizers can be the key to unlocking the lush green grass and vibrant landscapes that so many home and business owners in the Spokane area strive to achieve.

Boost Your Soil Health - Fertilizer with Weed Control

Think of fertilizer as a snack for your lawn and plants. When weed control is added to the mix and done properly by the experts at Pacific Lawn Maintenance, the results can change the whole appearance of your Spokane Valley home or office.

If, for example, your soil is lacking in nitrogen, your plants may appear stunted, because they are unable to produce new cells, and therefore are unable to properly flourish. Pacific Lawn Maintenance has a wealth of experience working with master gardeners and turf care experts, so we are able to provide you with valuable insight into how to achieve, and then care for, a thriving lawn and landscape.

Pacific Lawn Maintenance will work with you during our initial consultation to determine what’s wrong and where and create a custom-tailored lawn care program that will suit the needs of your Liberty Lake lawn and surrounding areas.

Pacific Lawn Maintenance’s Professional Spray Services Include:

  • Custom tailored turf treatment programs (5 apps in a full season)
  • Broad spectrum weed control options for both lawn and landscapes
  • Lawn and Turf disease eradication and prevention
  • Lawn Pest control solutions for both insects and fungi
  • Noxious weed control
  • Environmentally friendly practices and organic option available
  • Fully licensed and trained technicians at your home or business
  • Written guarantee with no questions asked “touch up’s” if needed

If your lawn or garden is plagued by plants struggling to grow or weeds taking over, and grass that’s discolored and patchy, Pacific Lawn Maintenance in Spokane Valley has the solution for you. Our highly skilled and dedicated employees have the know-how to give you the thickest carpet of grass, and the healthiest, happiest plants in town.

If you’ve struggled to achieve results in the past to no avail, get in touch with Pacific Lawn Maintenance today and schedule a consultation with one of our licensed lawn and landscape experts.

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