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Get Your Lawn Noticed For the Right Reasons

One of the first things people notice when they drive by your home or business is your lawn. An unkempt lawn reduces curb appeal and looks sloppy. A tidy one sends the message that you care about keeping things in good shape and that you love where you live! At the same time, however, mowing the lawn can be a hassle, especially if you’re dealing with old or insufficient equipment.

When you work hard all week, the last thing you want to spend your weekends and evenings doing is mowing and edging your lawn, so why not join the other Spokane residents who trust Pacific Lawn Maintenance to keep their lawn and landscape looking it's best?\

What's Included with our "Full-Service Mow"?

You may be asking yourself "what does a weekly mow service entail and how much will it cost"? Here at Pacific Lawn Maintenance we have been here since 2006 and have perfected the weekly mow and edge in your Spokane Valley neighborhood. Each time we come out to your home or business we:

  • Mow at the proper height for maximum turf health
  • Sring Edge entire perimeter including around all trees and landscaped areas
  • Blade edge along the street curb, driveway, walkway, and patio areas
  • Bag and haul away all grass clippings
  • Blowdown all "hardscaped" areas including street, driveway, and sidewalks
  • Consistent schedules: Same day, Same time so you can plan accordingly

Cost for our weekly mow service is much less than most think as we're already in your neighborhood and servicing your neighbors. At Pacific Lawn Maintenance, our full-service mow/edge averages around $35/wk. for your average Spokane home.

Your One Stop Shop For Spokane Lawn Maintenance

More than just a mowing company, Pacific Lawn Maintenance is your “one stop shop” for everything from weekly lawn care to custom tree pruning and everything in-between. Weeds in your yard? Spiders in your basement? We do that too!

Beyond saving you time and money, there are many reasons to hire Pacific Lawn Maintenance for all your lawn care needs. We offer a tip to tail maintenance services to the residents of Spokane so that the lawn and landscape of your home or business is one less thing you must worry about. Pacific Lawn Maintenance has been here locally since 2006 and is here to stay.

We work based on your schedule, so that you’ll have the peace of mind knowing exactly when our crew will show up to service your property. If you have a last-minute engagement that prevents you from mowing your lawn, who knows when you’ll find the time to drag out the mower? With Pacific Lawn Maintenance, you'll know the precise date and time that your lawn will be cut, so you can focus on other important things in your life. Grass doesn’t grow based on your schedule, but with Pacific Lawn Maintenance handling this outdoor chore, it will matter no more!

We’ve built our reputation in Spokane on our ability to provide on-time, professional service. With state-of-the-art mowing equipment, we guarantee that your lawn will never have looked better. Gone are the days of patchy lawns and uneven edges; Pacific Lawn Maintenance puts customer satisfaction first, so we’re not happy until you are.

Pacific Lawn Maintenance Cuts Grass, Not Corners

With service as meticulous as ours, you may expect to be faced with high prices and long wait times, but that’s far from the case. Pacific Lawn Maintenance’s goal has always been to provide Spokane with top-tier customer service and job quality without breaking the bank. After reading our online reviews, you will see we have delivered on this promise to you and your neighbors time and time again. Get the lawn you want today by getting in touch with Pacific Lawn Maintenance!

Fill out our easy to use CONTACT US TODAY page below to set up a schedule that works best for you. We provide weekly and bi-weekly mow service depending on your specific needs. The sooner you give us a call, the sooner you can relax knowing your days spent toiling in your yard are behind you.