Tree Trimming in Spokane

Does your tree need a good trim? Whether it’s for aesthetics or convenience, Pacific Lawn Maintenance has a qualified team of tree trimmers ready to help. We’ll shape your trees to your heart’s desire, only clipping at the right branches.

We’re confident that we’re the best tree care professionals in Spokane and the surrounding area. Call us now at (509) 218-1775 for more information!


The Tree Maintenance

The more trees and vegetation you have in your yard, the more attention it requires to upkeep it. Tree trimming can be exhausting and time-consuming, so why not leave it to us? We’re Spokane’s number-one tree care professionals.

If you have many tall trees and shrubs in your yard, you might benefit from setting up a tree care plan with us. We’d be happy to be of service.

With scheduled maintenance, never worry about your trees again. Our trimming specialists will have them looking like they’re straight out of a landscape magazine.

The Benefits of Tree Trimming

Enlisting tree care professionals like us to trim your trees ensures a clean look. Not only this but it can have a positive impact on your entire lawn. Sure, a good trim is essential to a beautiful yard, but it also allows a proper amount of sunlight and moisture to reach your landscape. This will allow your yard to truly flourish!

If you’re interested by the multiple benefits of getting your trees trimmed and cared for, call us now for a free quote!

Professional Tree Specialists

Rest assured, every member of our team is experienced, licensed and qualified. Committed to providing excellent customer service, they’ll be sure to trim your trees right.

Impress your neighbors, your visitors, and even onlookers, by investing in premium tree trimming done by our trusted professionals.

Your Friendly Local Tree Trimmers

At Pacific Lawn Maintenance, we think it’s important to build a relationship with our clients. Not only are our tree specialists highly trained, they’re attentive and courteous. Our priority is our client’s satisfaction. We care about you and your trees.

Top-Grade Tree Trimming Tools

Our tree surgeons only use the finest clipping tools to shape your trees. Depending on the level of attention needed, they will work with both manual and electric clippers to have your prized saplings looking their best.

We do the most to ensure our clients receive a professional and reliable service, every time. Give us a call to learn more about our services!

When to Get Your Trees Trimmed

Trimming is usually repeated at least twice a year for aesthetic maintenance. But it’s ultimately up to you! An optimal time to get your tree trimmed is right after flowering season in the spring, but we’ll be happy to provide this service at any time.

Shrubs, Hedges, and Everything Green

We don’t only trim trees! We’ll also trim your shrubs, hedges, and everything else too! Just let us know how you’d like us to shape them and we’ll make it happen.

More Than Tree Trimmers: The Premier Tree Pruning Services

Is there a tree on your property with unnecessary, unhealthy, or unsafe limbs and branches? If so, you’re going to need to call a licensed and insured tree care company. Not just any tree trimmer, though—you need a company who does more than just cut tree branches. You need a team of arborists whose approach to tree care improves the health of your trees and stimulates tree growth—and for a low price! That’s where we come in. Founded in 2006, Pacific Lawn Maintenance is the go-to team of licensed, bonded, and fully insured tree pruning professionals. As tree surgeons, we don’t just cut up trees, we cure them. For more information on tree pruning, call us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tree Trimming Services

There are many reasons to call a tree trimming service. Maybe the branches of a large tree are providing too much shade for your lawn. Maybe they’re keeping all the world’s natural light from entering your home. Sometimes a tree cutting service is needed because the branches have begun to decay. Aside from looking unsightly, decaying branches slowly deplete your tree of its much-needed nourishment. Decaying branches, or even just tree limbs that are disproportionately heavy, might even be a safety hazard. Those decaying limbs could fall at any moment!

That’s why it is all the more important to find a tree cutting service you can trust. An inexperienced tree service might chop up your tree carelessly, making it less healthy than before and a total neighborhood eyesore! However, we, on the other hand, take a more sensible and cautious approach to tree trimming.

What separates us from other arborists? Not only do we bring the best tree cutting and trimming tools to every job, but we also bring years of unmatched professional experience.

This experience has taught us the necessity of a thorough tree and property inspection and consultation process. When you call us for a free no-obligation consultation, we immediately begin working for you. When we look at your trees and property, we’ll be able to determine the right course of action.

Would you like begin your tree trimming consultation today? Then call Pacific Lawn Maintenance!

Spokane Tree Trimming Companies

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach to tree pruning and tree trimming. Every tree is different, and so is every property that it sits on.

Some of the tree services our arborists provide include (but are not limited to):

  • Dead wooding
  • Crown Lifting
  • Tree Topping
  • Crown Reduction

Other arborists only know how to make trees look more aesthetically pleasing. At Pacific Lawn Maintenance, we try to do a little more than that. We want your trees to be healthy.

The Best Tree Trimming Company in Spokane

After we trim your trees, they’ll have a clean bill of health. They’ll be ready for the coming seasons, and they’ll look wonderful as well!

Are you looking to revitalize or augment some of the trees on your property? Then call the tree trimming professionals at Pacific Lawn Maintenance today!